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Crafting quality solutions for successful brands since 2011


Being good is not enough!

Small team,


From design to development we manage your projects through every process and bring them to the Internet. We promise to offer you creative and responsive designs, uniques and neats, along with a flawless development on any support (PC, tablet or smartphone).

  • website
  • cms
  • e-shop
  • intranet/extranet
  • seo
  • sea
  • social marketing
  • mailing


Because technology allows us to continually experiment new consumption patterns, our mission is also to participate in the conception of the tomorrow's interactive devices. On tablets, mobiles or kiosks, touch interfaces provide unique and immersive experiences for their users.

  • app design
  • animation
  • touchscreen devices
  • digital signage
  • interative kiosks


Being unique and recognizable is the most important thing for a company, a product or a brand. Standing out from the competition and conveying a powerful image is a work that requires time and expertise. From the very first brainstorm to the final result, we put our expertise and our most creative ideas in the design of your identity.

  • logo
  • signage
  • marketing
  • visual identity


We are not always behind our screens, so it's essential to communicate through other visual medias. Monsters'Lab knows how prints have an important place in communication. Our graphic team combines creativity and professionalism to give you prints that fit perfectly with your identity.

  • business cards
  • flyers
  • posters
  • brochures
  • infographics
  • advertising
  • CD/DVD covers


The image of your project is the first thing people are going to see. That's why a perfect picture is something you should have. With Monsters'Lab's photography studio, you'll be sure to have the greatest shot for your product or yourself, ready to be edited by our team to create the best promotional picture.

  • advertising
  • corporate
  • events
  • fashion
  • retouching

Sound & Motion

Music composed for your project is the icing on a cake. With more than 20 years of musical experience, we use modern technologies that allow us to work with virtual instruments libraries used by the greatest film composers all around the world. No need to go to Hollywood to have a powerful soundtrack, Monsters'Lab does that for you!

  • movies
  • video games
  • trailers
  • docs
  • jingles
  • advertising
  • sound design
  • app

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